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First reviews for this product This screen reader is one of the most recent and updated screen readers. This device uses a simple and modern graphical interface. In other words, the presence of a touch screen makes the interface more efficient.
5,500,000 تومان
This product contains e-wallet payment using two methods, QR and NFC codes. The generation of a QR code on the color display of this device or the design of a QR code using all available cameras and payment methods based on the QR code. Other than the possibility of being used in autonomy (Stand alone), this terminal also has the possibility of colleagues in the negotiating box to receive the import.
1,820,000 تومان 1,950,000 تومان
POULAD / CASHLESS ATM & RETAIL TELLER MACHIN Known as Cashless ATMRetail Teller Machine, it offers all ATM services except cash withdrawals. Model: Poulad
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Mobile card reader model verifone-VX675 is one of the series of mobile card reader devices that is connected to the banking network by the mobile phone system and performs the transaction using GPRS platform services. This product is offered as a referrer.
1,630,000 تومان 2,150,000 تومان
The lightweight PAX-S910 mobile card reader has a fast printer with very low power consumption and high transaction speed, which is an affordable device that connects to 5 bank accounts. This product is offered in the form of refurbishment and binding. To buy the Akband type, please activate the Akband option at the bottom of this section.
2,270,000 تومان 2,400,000 تومان
PAX-S90 light color mobile card reader with fast printer with very low energy consumption and high transaction speed is an affordable device that connects to 3 bank accounts. This product is offered as a referrer.
1,880,000 تومان 2,120,000 تومان